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My family and I moved into the kensington green residence, London just over a year ago from France/ Paris.

My husband quickly went to the gym where he met Cliff, he immediately had a very good feeling.

Me on my side, a lot of work, stress and impossible to motivate myself to get back to sports. Because I was low on personal confidence and was badly effected on my skin and overweight and thinking about sports and fitness seemed too tiring to me.

One day my husband said to me “I spoke about you to Gym manager and fitness consultant Cliff, Please go see him, he is great!"

At my 1st appointment, I was very uncomfortable, then quickly his smile and his positive happiness reassured me. In my turn, I immediately had a good feeling with him.

We started our classes in the fall and very quickly I lost weight, I found nice shapes without having the impression of suffering a lot during my sessions.

Cliff is always caring and motivating. These words are reassuring, he manages to bring out the best in you.

Today I don't miss a session because beyond that it is good for my body and my forms, it is especially good for my spirit.

After 1 hour with him I am filled with energy and positivity.

Cliff’s smile and his laughter are extremely communicative, he manages to put you in a good mood even on days when you are less motivated.

I strongly advise you to coach sports with him if you want to do it in joy and good humor with quick results because he’s expert knowledge is unbelievable and he knows exactly where to target according to your needs.

A huge thank you to you Cliff for making me love sport, and especially for making me find a pretty silhouette at the dawn of my 50th birthday (unthinkable for me...)

Thanks to you, I can't live without it! It has become essential to my life

Mr & Mrs Bargues, March 2023


Cliff has helped me with my personal fitness and health for the last ten years. I first went to him when I was in my early fifties and had been neglecting my own health as I concentrated on family and work. I had never been to a gym before and could barely do two minutes on the treadmill or cross-trainer and nothing on bike or rowing machines. Over time while working with cliff who is very supportive and caring towards my personal health and well being with no injuries to myself I developed good level of fitness and weight reduction which I was extremely please about and could not of achieved this with cliff's professional help and approach.

In 2013 I had a major accident which was life changing. My surgeon and doctors said that my level of fitness before the accident helped me make a rapid recovery from the operation itself. Cliff then adapted my fitness regime to help me back to continue my long term recovery.

Cliff listens to the needs of all his clients and adapts his fitness programmes to suit individuals of every age and different fitness levels. I have seen him train people from teenagers to those in their eighties with respectable and successful fitness results... I highly recommend him!

Geraldine Lyon, Kensington, London.


I first met Cliff when I moved in at Kensington Green estate about nine months ago and have since then signed up for personal fitness training with him twice a week , while he is manager of the estate's exclusive private gym facilities .

Cliff is at the same time an excellent professional and a great person. He is at the same time dedicated, dynamic and attentive. As a PT, he thoroughly prepares his sessions, tailoring his programmes to customers' needs and requirements, introducing variety in the exercises and is never short of an out-of-session advice. As a facility manager, he obviously makes sure the equipment is up-to-date and in perfect working order ; he is very present, talking with customers and asking for feedbacks, creating a comfortable atmosphere for all ; he is also showing entrepreneurship skills and ambition.

Cliff not only knows everyone by their first name ; he is also often aware of some of their hobbies and other stories you can only learn about by interacting with people on a friendly and regular basis. People at the gym respect him as a professional and like him as a person. They would turn to him for advise and spend some time before, during or after exercising to chat with him about a topic or another.

In a nutshell, it's really great to have him around. He definitely is a valuable asset to residence and to general and professional people within sports and fitness.

Stephane, Kensington Green Estate, July 2011


Before I started my gym sessions with Cliff, I did not do exercises on a regular basis and I was overweight. In 8 weeks, my weight dropped by 11kg from 107kg to 96kg. I personally could not have done this without Cliff's expert support and training methods.

The most important thing during exercise is to keep yourself from getting any unwanted injuries, and Cliff is exactly the man who can teach you this. He gives different programmes depending on your level of fitness, and what goals you want to achieve by attending his weekly session in the gym, and every session is different and exciting.

With Cliff, you would never find going to the gym to be boring. He will inform you everything: from using different techniques on the equipment to what heart rate you should be aiming for in order to lose weight.

I'm currently attending university studying maths and mathematical physics. Cliff has introduced me to a well-balanced lifestyle of academics and fitness. His encouragement and guidance is the key to anyone wanting to become healthier.

G. Lee, Kensington Green, London, 18/11/2011


I have been working out with Cliff on a one-to-one basis for the last 16 weeks and the results are impressive. At 64 it's hard to shift those lumps and bumps but I have lost 4kg and my BMI has fallen from average to lean.

But that's not all. Cliff Johnson has such enthusiasm and genuine love of his work that he is inspirational to train with. Workouts are never repetitive; Cliff knows a thousand different ways of exercising every muscle in your body. I do a lot of sailing and Cliff is brilliant in devising exercises that he knows will help keep me fit.

When bouts of depression occur I know that Cliff's sensitive and supportive sessions will re-enforce a positive attitude and that is the most enormous help. Above all not only do I look better on the outside I feel a lot better on the inside.

Thank you Cliff.

Kitty van Hagen, Kensington Green Estate. London


I  had decided to enroll on the Trix2themaxfitness personal fitness program hoping to change my lifestyle and well being after suffering an episode of moderate / severe depression for which i was undergoing Anti-depressant therapy for some time.

Fitness consultant cliff johnson was extremely reassuring and gave me continuous support and encouragement. He is also a pretty good councilor for personal crisis events, which i was very very impressed with indeed.

His bespoke fitness approach was carried out with respect and professionalism, and i was comfortable throughout the program with the knowledge that i was constantly being monitored.

After working with cliff for 6-months in the gym, i have lost 2 stone in weight and i'm happy with my health and lifestyle and more content with my appearance and appears to be the beginning of the end of my depression. The support and fitness encouragement cliff has given me has helped my confidence for life.

Thank you Cliff

Karen Perryman, Knightsbridge, London, 20/02/2001


I always considered myself as someone who would never go to the gym, since i heard about fitness consultant Cliff Johnson my life and attitude towards keeping fit have truly turned around. Cliff encouraged me throughout, especially after my totally demoralising fitness test. He gave me the determination to continue no matter how unfit i was. Now six weeks later i truly feel like a new person. Our sessions are always varied to eliminate monotony, completely challenging and a pleasure to attend even at 7.00am on a cold winters morning.

I have been so impress with Cliff's approach on mental and physical fitness that for the first time i have had the incentive of being able to wear clothes that i hadn't been able to wear for at least a year. Im proud to say that i can now fit into those clothes and have received lots of compliments from friends and colleagues.

I would be more than happy to speak to anyone who may be unsure about starting with trix2themaxfitness. I can truly say Cliff is obviously totally committed to his clients and sets himself personal goals of achievement and will not give up until these have been fully achieved. I will definitely continue my visits to the gym and my commitment to Cliff Johnson.


Emma Jane Jones, Brompton park, Chelsea, London, 25/1/2001


Many thanks Cliff for your tremendous support, guidance and encouragement over the six week fitness course. I am truly delighted to be down to my target weight and have tone up so well. I could not have done it without your expert knowledge and training skills and rigorous schedule.


Mary Mortimer, Chelsea, London, 10/6/2001


I  have taken the time to write this letter to express my appreciation for the wonderful personal training i have received from Cliff Johnson the past few months.

Cliff's personal attention from the commencement of the program has been exceptional. It is so important that a client's steady progress is constantly monitored, you take the time to find out any possible ailments or aches that your clients have and have used your own personal time to investigate and come up with various solutions.


Without any hesitation, i would like to be happy to recommend you to anyone who is anxious to have a dedicated trainer. I cannot sufficiently express how pleased i am with the way you have focused me to keep my body in good condition and how you manage to keep the interest going. Your professionalism in the gym has been noticed by my husband and many others.

Kensington green estate is very fortunate to have you running the fitness complex.

We wish you all the best in your future endeavors.

Yours truly

C Ansley, Kensington Green, London, 2/9/2001


I would like to commend Cliff's expertise and outstanding enthusiasm. He always encourages each client and watches over everyone as they work. I personally have had a series of private fitness session with Cliff, these have been extremely helpful to me, and I plan to have more.

I think that Cliff is  a very well trained fitness professional and really know's the fitness business and is truly dedicated to what he does.


Veronica Mellish, Kensington Green, London, 20/1/2006


Cliff is a health and fitness professional, he is a motivating and knowledgeable personal trainer. I have enjoyed the one to one training, particularly the kick boxing sessions, which i have found hard work and enjoyable. Cliff's high energy rubs off and motivates.

For the past 2 years i have had the pleasure of training with and learning from Cliff, i would like to take the opportunity to thank trix2themaxfitness for there first class service and would recommend them to anyone seeking health and fitness program.


Tim carmichael, Kensington Green, London, 14/4/2006


Trix2themaxfitness ltd cliff johnson is an outstanding fitness manager. He is totally highly professional and always good-natured. He really does create a positive and nice atmosphere in the fitness arena, and is helpful and very supportive. Both myself and my wife trained with him, and found him to be an excellent fitness trainer. He has helped my wife, who has slight neck problems, achieve a high level of fitness. It is with great regret that we leave london for the united states - we will really miss the fantastic service provided by Cliff!


Tim, Ellen Dunn, St johns villa, London, 12/6/2007


We would like to thank you and appreciate your time in keeping kensington green gym in tip top condition from since we arrived in from the USA, most importantly, you need to know that if it weren't for you kind, easy-going personality i never would have signed up for personal fitness training in the first place. I had seen you work with all kinds of people from different backgrounds and culture levels. Since then i was most struck, however by your ability to assess where a person's "comfort zone" was, start there, and then as the trust and confidence built, you increased your expectations and therefore the results. You are definitely a natural-born fitness teacher.

I wish you all the best.


Mr and Mrs Crewson, Kensington Green, London, 08/1/2008


My wife and i had the opportunity to meet trix2themaxfitness fitness consultant Cliff Johnson, we are both in our 50's and whilst i have been involved in sporting activities at a senior level for many years, my wife has always found the gym an unpleasant experience.

Cliff completely changed her view of exercise with his understanding of health management, his calming influence and methodical approach to exercise programs. I found the quality of his workout routines and his understanding of exercise methods second to none.

We just hope we can find someone that comes close to his approach when we return to Sydney Australia.


Gary and Skye Susans, Clontarf, NSW, Australia, 7/12/2009