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Cliff Johnson is a man of his word. Nothing was ever promised to me, and contrary to popular belief, that is the sign of a good agent. I had relentlessly tried to make the leap into professional football on my own means in the USA but found it difficult because of the inconsistencies with other agencies who just could not deliver.

Once I put all my trust into Cliff and put my future into his hands, I was able to make my dreams become a reality in such a short space of time. Cliff advised me from day one and professionally guided and conducted for me to fly from Canada to Sweden and he did it all arrange flights , hotel etc and negotiated my first professional contract .From and every single thing he has mentioned has been materialized. It’s not only his ability to negotiate or to find the perfect connections and soccer team that make him a great agent, it’s the character he holds himself to. Cliff has spoken to my family, he checks in on me almost daily and makes sure all of my needs are met both on and off the field. He has outdone any other agent I have worked with in my life and has not only made a client out of me, but a life-long professional soccer player and also a trusted friend. Cliff is both professional and decent. I recommend him to any hard working aspiring footballer.

Juan Bernal - Professional Soccer Player


Cliff Johnson and I met in the past while trying to find club for my son. Hand on my heart Cliff has the following qualities:

· Strong interest in the sport - he is always involved with the kids on the pitch.
· Excellent communication and negotiation skills - very eloquent and negotiated some good deals for my son.
· The ability to make friends quickly and be comfortable working closely clients - we bonded very easily and made it easy to talk to.
· A willingness to work flexibly and be available at all times - Cliff used to visit us whenever he could and available when needed.
· A good understanding of how sports contracts work - he made sure my son had the best deal.
· Knowledge of how transfers are made in the sport you specialise in – he informed us about every transfer deal and made it clear when it came to make a decision.

To my knowledge, Cliff is a very good agent, with an extra ability to go an extra mile to help players.



I met Cliff in December 2014 as I was looking for an agent and I was tired of the same old agents that talked too much and came up with nothing. From the first time we spoke I could tell he understood me and had a very good knowledge and understanding. He instantly showed he cared and took time to find out about me, he was also honest and straight talking as I had no club and not many options but he was so positive and I felt I could believe him.

I was impressed by how quickly he sorted me out with Skelleftea FF, as in only a few weeks I was signed and had a contract. Cliff advised me moving to Sweden would be a good option and it has been great so far. I no play football for a living and have my own apartment and now have a career. I love getting back to training everyday in an atmosphere where I can develop mentally and physically to reach my career goals.

Since signing with Cliff in January 2015 , he has become more than an agent, he has not stopped caring and calls me all the time to make sure everything is good and he takes care of all my off field issues so I can concentrate on football. He is the best agent I have been with and I would recommend him to anyone not just because of his great his personal relations and honesty but how hard he works for his players and getting issues sorted around the clock.

Chimdi Akubuine


I can honestly say Cliff has been the best agent I have been with. I've had many set backs but am very hard working and determined to be the best so it was great to find someone who had the same passion and believed in me so much. He always calls me and puts his heart and soul into everything he does, he is the main reason why I am signed with Skelleftea FF because of his positive outlook and he encouraged me to take the step and trust him, I haven't looked back since.

Joel Gyasi


I've been working with Trix2themaxfitness Ltd, football agent Cliff Johnson since december 2014 when I came in contact with him through one of his players. Since then I've been working with Cliff and his players. Skelleftea FF has 4 of Cliff's players and we are very pleased with the players and Cliff as an agent. The players are all of very good character and high level both on the field and off.

It's easy to talk with Cliff and I think he is very honest and fair. He wants the best for his players but he also wants to help the club where they play. He works hard to get deals complete and have helpt Skelleftea FF to find the right character and skills of the players that goes through Cliff.

Since the players have come to Skelleftea FF, we talk a lot and although we are far apart, Cliff is very attendant. We talk on a regular basis once or twice a week about the players, the team and club's future. Its something that i appreciate and that he can help Skelleftea FF to get promotion.

I have only the best to tell about Cliff Johnson and I and Skelleftea FF will highly recommand Cliff and his agency 100%.

Mattias Granstrom - Sportsdirector at Skelleftea FF


My name is Jimmy Nilsson and I got to know Cliff when I was assisting as a football coach at a team in Sweden called Umedalens - where Cliff was once a player. Cliff is a person is that always think about whats best for his boys and not whats best for himself.

He take care of the players like they are his family in best way and I have alot of respect for Cliff and the way he tries to make his players the best kind, off and on the pitch, and find the right team where the players have a chance to play and be better in the future.

We get along very well as friends. He is easy going and supports me a way that is best for my future!

Jimmy Nilsson


When I was at the end of my contract with IF Elfsborg a few months ago, Cliff and I got in touch. He called me up after we got in contact through one of his players and a friend of mine, and to be honest I felt directly that we where going to be a good fit. One week after I left Elfsborg I was on a trial with my current team Skelleftea FF, no exaggerated promises as a lot of agents tend to do but pure honesty and and getting things done. Skelleftea then wanted to sign me and shortly after Cliff had negotiated me a good contract.

In my experience agents tend to disappear a little bit after the contracts been signed but not Cliff. He calls me a few times every week and ask about training and giving tips about how I am going to take my football to the next level. He really puts his faith in me and that gives me the extra courage to do my thing on the pitch without having to think twice. But it doesn't end there, since we see each other as a team and he knows that football isn't just on the pitch. He helps me a lot with the mental things as well and have grown in to being a big role model for me. I have always believed in myself and that I am going to reach the top level in football, but Cliff gives me that extra push when I might need it and I'm sure we will soon stand at the biggest arenas together.

Not just the best agent I have experienced, but also a good friend.

Tobias Sandstrom