Trix2themaxfitness Ltd Football Agency

Trix2themaxfitness ltd Director / Founder Cliff Johnson is now a sports management worldwide graduate after successfully completing the SMWW football agents course in 2011 and gains a certificate of accomplishment.

SMWW is an American based sports management sports agency which was founded by DR LYNN LASHBROOK who is now the president.

Trix2themaxfitness ltd is now part of SMWW which is a global and international company which provides full service agent advisors and a first class sports agency with an extensive network of world class atheletes throughout the world at the highest level.

My Smww Agent Advisors link is;

Role Includes;

  • The role and skills of a football agent.
  • The FIFA player agent regulations.
  • International & domestic football transfer.
  • Business ethics and conflict of interests.
  • Talent identification and football player assessment.
  • Representation contracts.
  • Strategies to promote a client to football teams.
  • Negotiating and renegotiating a football playing contract.
  • Athlete PR and crisis management.
  • Athlete sponsorship and endorsement.
  • Post playing career opportunities.

Trix2themaxfitness ltd - Director / Co-founder - Cliff Johnson