Linus Almqvist

Personal Information

I’m 28 years old and I live in Skellefteå Sweden where I play soccer for Skellefteå FF. I have been in the club for 7 years and I have played 5 years in division 2 and 2 years in division 1. Before that I played in division 3 from when I was 15 to 19 and won the scoringleague when I was 18. I am a centermidfielder both defensive and offensive but i can also play rightback and a winger. So I am kind of an allround player. As a person I’m calm, driven, positive and single-minded. I always give 110 % in everything I do and I hate losing. I love challenges and I always look for a solution. Even though I’m 28 I still want to be the best and I always try to improve everything.


  • Great Technique
  • Great passingskills
  • Great mind of the game
  • Two footed
  • Great distance shoot
  • Calm and smart with the ball
  • And i push my teammates

Reference - Krister Lundgren

During 2014 Linus Almqvist has been one of the most influential players in Skellefteå FF that plays in division 1. Linus has played almost every game this season (22/26). He has played mostly defensive midfielder but he has also been useful as a offensive midfielder, forward and rightback.

Qualities that characterize Linus as a soccerplayer: Very good understandind of the game, Brilliant functional technics, Really good attitude and he always does the hard work, Amazing touch on the ball with both his feet, Great passing skills especially the longer balls, A really great shot with his both feet.

Personal qualities of Linus: Development-oriented, Pushes his teammates to the maximum, Great accountability, Great social skills, Spreads joy in the changing room, Always well prepared for games and trainings.

The person giving you all this information about Linus is Krister Lundgren. I have played prosoccer from 1988-2001 in a number of different elit clubs including Örebro SK, Umeå FC, GIF Sundsvall. I have also played in Championship in England and I have also been proffesional in China. Currently I am working with leadership development and I have been doing that for 20 years so I have a pretty god ability to read people. And I can tell you this; that you will get a great soccerplayer if you get Linus.

Reference - Patrik Nilsson:

I Patrik Nilsson was awarded the prestiges price of coach of the year 2014 in the northern parts of Sweden. And in that same year i was awarded the price for youngest leader in all of Sweden on a benefit cald Eldsjälsgalan. My work with the team IFK Arvidsjaur has becom huge all over Sweden and a lot of TV shows want to do intervjues with me about my leadership and the work around the club.

Under the year 2015 i was the coach for Linus in Skellfteå FF and under that year he was the most importernt player in the team both on and of the pitch. He acts in sutch a way that he pushes the players to the maximum and from that he pushes the team forward. He makes sure that its allways a good feeling in the team so the team can perform the best they can. And about hes soccer skills he has the best feet i have ever seen. He almost never loses the ball or misses a pass and that includes long passes. And with hes blending technique he can also play in diffrent kind of possitions. But he is best as a defensiv och offensiv midfielder. If there is one player who deserves to get the chance to play somewhere els its Linus Almqvist”