Kraig Shane Rochester

Personal Information

  • Name: Kraig Shane Rochester
  • Position: Stirker/winger/centre Midfielder
  • Size:6'1
  • Dob : 3/11/88
  • Nationality: British
  • City : London
  • Height: 182
  • Weight: 78kg


ARSENAL FC - u12's to u15's Schoolboy

READING FC u15's schoolboy

LEICESTER CITY FC - Signed as a scholar u16's to u18's

DAGENHAM & REDBRIDGE FC - Signed as a pro at the age of 20

Ånge IF (Sweden) 2 year contract

Gällavare and malmbergets FF ( Sweden) Current team


G Am An Extremely Quick Player That Has Good Technical Ability And Can Score Goals Consistently , I Learn Quickly And Am Adaptable , I Wish To Learn More About The Game Abroad While Still Improving My Knowledge Of The Game , I Have A Good Attitude Towards The Game , And Consider Myself Extremely Professional.

GI now have a lot of experience playing in Sweden with over 60 games for two different teams , scoring 42 goals in 3 years.


I was scouted from my district team who were Brent along with my friend Hal Robson Kanu who played for Ealing and who currently plays at reading FC , signing for Arsenal was a dream and I learned more than I could imagine , training with the best of the best day to day improved me to be equally as good.


After leaving Arsenal it was important for me to find a club I could shine at and reading were the club for me at the time , they were quick to sign me ahead of other teams ,but it wasn't long before doing well at reading that I had bigger teams wanting to give me scholarships Aston villa and Leicester city , were two teams who wouldn't stop chasing me and in the end I chose to leave reading and move on to a bigger club.

Leicester city

I signed for Leicester city immediately after hearing that they were interested in giving me a scholarship , it was a very new experience at the time and made me grow as a player and a young man knowing I had to live away from home at 16 and being a London boy made it hard , but ultimately gave me the experience i needed to go anywhere in the world to play.

Dagenham and Redbridge

Not a lot of young players get to sign professional contracts ,so I was very happy to do so at a young age , and moving back to London to play didn't hurt either , playing and training was different to Leicester and Arsenal , but I had to adjust to the differences it was a good learning curve for me.

Ånge IF and gallivare and malmbergets FF

I moved over to play in Sweden knowing it was the best move for me to progress, and so far it has been , I've learnt different styles in playing and have improved and now look to keep improving , ånge IF were the first team I signed for playing under manger Benny Matsson who is a former player playing in the highest league in Sweden so I learned a lot from him and thank him for the two years I was there , I now currently play for Gallivare and malmbergets FF who are a good club with good ideas and a good vision to progress I've been here for a season and will remain with them for the upcoming season of 2016.

My aim is to achieve as much as possible in the game , and go as far and as high as I can always improving.

Gallivare and Malmbergets FF 2016

Positive season probably the best season I've had in Sweden so far , scoring double figures in goals and also getting double figures in assists , not to mention playing in all 26 games with 90 mins every game under my belt without any injuries or suspensions , happy to lead the team also as captain towards the end of the season , I've improved gone up a level now it's up to me to maintain and progress even further at a higher level.